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Arrangements by The Other Side Village

Animal Collection

Animal Collection

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These animal-themed air plant pots are a fun and whimsical addition to any home or office. Each pot features a unique animal design, with a carefully crafted air plant nestled inside. These pots are a beautiful reminder of the wonder and beauty of the natural world

So why wait? Order your Air Plants arrangement today! 

Every purchase of one of these beautiful arrangements is contributing to providing a safe and cozy, fully furnished home to someone who’s spent far too long without one.


* Utah Delivery & Pickup are the only current methods available for Purchase. 

* SHIPPING COMING SOON! Please reach out to CS manager William Bell for more info. Thank you for your patience and support 

*Each arrangement is made to order and may not be an exact replication of the images shown.

Care Instructions

Indirect, filtered light.

Soak for 20 min. once a week.

Prune pups to propagate.

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Thank you!

Each arrangement that you purchase through us is hand crafted by one of our residents that are diligently working to create a better life for themselves. We ensure that the quality of these arrangements are worth your purchase standing alone. In addition, your contributions directly support our Villagers and our program.