When you adopt one of our arrangements you are bringing home a friend you won’t find anywhere else. Our arrangements are not just plants in a pot, they are creative expressions of the values and experiences of Neighbors in our community.

Our Latest Collections

  • Jody

    "The succulents are done so nicely. Each one looks as though it was done with care and consideration. I love how each succulent is personalized and the cuteness of the pots just brightens my day. These plants mean work and hope for each person that makes them." 

  • Brian

    "You get a great plant for a good cause. Succulents make people happy and so does helping people out. What a great project! You can see the care and pride each neighbor puts into their work."

  • Emmy

    "I have three succulents that I have gotten from The Other Side. I like the added detail to each one. It was so fun to buy! Tanya at The Other Side Village helped me pick out one that would look good in my room and that would fit my personality."